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Dedicated Services
All our efforts in the Trademark Division focus on safeguarding the business reputation and product integrity created and developed by the clients. 
To guarantee maximum effectiveness, the division also cooperates and coordinates with professionals and specialists from inside and outside Tai E to provide trademark-related services such as trademark searches, prosecution for registration, appeals, oppositions, invalidation and revocation procedures, and relevant legal services involving investigation, infringement assessment, coordination of police raids and full-scale litigation. 
This Division represents both international clients for in-bound trademark cases and domestic clients for out-bound cases. With professional experience of more than 45 years, we realize clients’ trademarks from regional marketing to global portfolio. 
For years our Trademark Division has been recognized as a top-level (or first-tier) firm among peers in Taiwan for professional services of quality according to quite a few international renowned IP media and agencies. 
It will be our great honor to represent you/your clients in protecting their trademarks in Taiwan. If we could be of any assistance for trademark matters in Taiwan, please do not hesitate to contact us.