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Decades of Devoted Service

Our Patent Department is staffed by more than sixty professionals and engineering specialist, roughly divided into four groups: the Electronics Group, Mechanical Group, Chemistry Group, and Biotechnology Group. While most staff members hold advanced degrees, the core of the Patent Department are qualified patent agents with experience as practicing engineers or former patent examiners at the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO).

Our staff has accumulated abundant experience dealing with a broad range of patent-rights affairs involving administrative and technical issues related to patentability for both utility inventions and industrial design applications. In addition to the daily practice of claims drafting and filing, our experts promptly respond to client requirements for service in patent searches and infringement analyses.

Clients rely on our staff to render expert opinions on cases handled with Tai E by the courts. In this Department, we stress the correlation between intellectual property protection and the particular goals and interests of our clients. We work to assist our clients in achieving their targets by tailoring client-specific strategies. Applying our legal and technical expertise, we devise winning strategies for our clients. We are proud of our ability to enlist the impeccable expertise of additional patent attorneys and industrial engineers from other areas within Tai E. These experts cooperate whenever interdisciplinary issues arise.

This method enables us to counsel our clients comprehensively and effectively, even with complex problems requiring a divergent realm of legal and technical knowledge.