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A Serious and Vibrant IP Law Firm

Tai E was founded by lawyer Lin, I-Chu and trademark agent Lin, Chin-Chang. In 1976, Mr. Lin, Chin-Chang restructured Mr. Lin, I-Chu’s general law firm to Tai E International Patent & Law Office. In the meanwhile, he established Tai E International Patent & Trademark Office. Since then, Tai E has been dedicated to intellectual property protection. 



Attorney at Law LIN, I-CHU  (1922 ~2007)
In 1952, he was the first Taiwanese lawyer to practice in Taichung and he spearheaded the advance of law-awareness in Taiwan.
Mr. Lin was committed to boosting innovation of our nation and protecting the legal right of producers and consumers.


Trademark Agent LIN, CHIN-CHANG
Master, Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA), National Taiwan University, Taiwan
LL.B., School of Law, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan
In 1976, founder Mr. Lin realized that local people had then a lack of intellectual property protection awareness, so he established Tai E to serve our clients.
Later, he extended his enthusiasm to also serve the public and became a Taipei City Councilor, and he remained so for 26 years.
He steadfastly holds the best interests of each client at heart. 



By 1980, Tai E had flourished and its staff numbered over 200 professionals deployed in four offices to serve thousands of clients from every corner of the world. Tai E became one of the pioneering law firms that ushered Taiwan into the brave new world of intellectual property law. From then on, the Taiwan government frequently consulted Tai E in our fields of specialty. Tai E also interacts closely with a great number of overseas associates so that we can hone our international edge. Developing a sound international network of mutually beneficial working relationships has always been a top priority for Tai E.

Another milestone was passed in 2006, when Mr. Henry Chi-Heng Guei and Mr. Fred Chi-Tai Yen joined the managing team and became partners of the firm.

In 2014, Mr. Jerry Ching-Yu Lin joined the managing team and became a partner, later to be appointed as the general manager of the firm.

Tai E was proud to look back in 2016 when the firm entered its 40th year in IP specialization and equally proud to look forward with Mr. Jerry Lin urging his professional team to strive in giving our global clients more and more in the existing full range of IP services and to simultaneously search out breakthroughs in protection for our clients.