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Global Vision
Marching Toward a New Era of Outstanding Service

65-years is not a short period of time by any standard. Yet, to us who have savored those years, time simply slips away.

In a society where few people appreciated the value of legal protection or human innovation in the old days, Taiwan now is regarded as one of the most energetic places in the whole world in generating intellectual creations.

In the same 65-year period, Tai E has grown from a "one-man practice" to maturing into a major international law firm. Today we serve tens of thousands of valuable clients from every corner of the world. We are proud that not only have we witnessed the reformation of lifestyle and systems in Taiwan, but we also have been, and always will continue to be, a part of the successful innovation itself.

Indeed we have gone through many challenges during the past 65 years, but one thing remains the same, and that is our persistent pursuit of professionalism, excellence and absolutely faithful service to our clients. Those are values we have cherished so much since the very starting day of the firm. We determine to hold on to and fulfill those values even more in the future to come.